My favorite pictures from this past weekend


A short salute to the sugar snap pea

Oh sweet little pod which I munch and nibble, how I love thee!
Your bright green color and snap make be giggle.
You are sweet like candy, yet good for me.
Sweet little pea, you do not need any dressing.
You hold the taste of a Spring day and bring me joy!

Looking for the good in everything

I tend to be a little bit negative about life in Florida.  I know, I know, I know...that's an understatement. Usually I'm griping:When the weather is good, there are too many people hereWhen the people aren't here, it is too hotJob prospects in the area we live are horribleHurricane season makes me a nervous wreckFire season (the dry season) makes me a nervous wreck Recently, after going through a little bit of a rough spot, I decided that I needed to start appreciating the good things about living in Florida.  I'm trying to look for the good in everything.  Here are some of the reasons I love Florida.